Hobby Autumn Event “Golden Times”

Party, have a look around and with a bit of luck win a caravan worth around 30,000 euros. On 14 and 15 October 2017, Hobby business partners are inviting their customers to the great “Golden Times” autumn event. Not only will the visitors have an opportunity to personally get to know the innovative product lines for the 2018 season - they will even get a chance to win a superbly equipped caravan from the 50 Year Anniversary Edition.


Taking part is well worth it! During the great “Golden Times” autumn event, the Hobby dealers will be presenting the top innovations of the 2018 season. On display will be caravans along with mobile homes and vans. The mobile home highlights include the completely redesigned ONTOUR. The entry-level series is starting off with four attractive versions. All of them stand out with their high touring capability: No ONTOUR is wider than 2.20 metres and the permissible total mass of the large models (470 KMF and 470 UL) amounts to up to 1,350 kilograms. That makes it clear that a car of the so-called Golf class suffices as a towing vehicle for the ONTOUR. Where technology and comfort are concerned, the manoeuvrable starter is just as good as the higher-level series since, and as with all caravans from the world market leader, it is entering the race with the full HOBBYCOMPLETE equipment that is typical of the brand. By the way, all the major caravaning target groups are being attended to since the new ONTOUR is available both with single beds (460 DL, 470 UL) as well as with double beds (390 SF, 470 KMF). The ONTOUR 470 KMF family caravan even has bunk beds for the children on board.

Speaking of families: Even large families will be excited about the DE LUXE 515 UHK, as believe it or not it provides seven (!) sleeping accommodations: a separate children’s room with three beds, a height-adjustable bed designed as a double couch and another double bed that can be turned into a seating arrangement. At the same time, please keep in mind that it has a merely 2.30 metre-wide single axle that is content with a technical permissible total mass of 1,600 kilos. Without a doubt, the Hobby engineers have managed to achieve a structural masterpiece with this caravan.

Overall the caravan world market leader Hobby impresses with its mobile homes with a selection of more than 50 model versions that are distributed among seven different model ranges. The range spans from the inexpensive entry-level ONTOUR up to the luxurious PREMIUM high-end caravan.

Versatility is also in demand in mobile homes: Sleek and partially integrated they are available in both design lines OPTIMA PREMIUM and OPTIMA DE LUXE. The models in both series - just like the Alcoves from the SIESTA line – come standard with the full HOBBYCOMPLETE equipment. That means they are ready to travel right out of the factory. That spares the customer’s holiday budget since no additional extras need to be purchased.
OPTIMA PREMIUM and OPTIMA DE LUXE differ especially in the interiors since each has its very own furniture décor and upholstery colours. The most distinctive exterior feature in the OPTIMA PREMIUM is its elaborately designed rear-end, which creates a contrast to the OPTIMA DE LUXE with the puristic designed tail. For the exterior design, OPTIMA customers can choose between different colour combinations. For instance the white driving-end can be combined with the decoration colour black or iron grey. Also possible is a driving-end in black or iron grey with a coordinated decoration colour.

If you like things compact and want a manoeuvrable mobile home that is great in the city you will be well served by the sporty VANTANA van. Along with its stylish exterior and the comfortable interior design, the VANTANA convinces with its exclusive details such as the patented SlimLine refrigerator which is installed in a space-saving and user-friendly manner at the height of the overhead cabinets.

“Golden Times”, the motto of the Hobby autumn event, holds true in the anniversary year not only because of the many attractive offers covering everything in the fully-equipped models but also because of the great Hobby contest where the main prize of a mobile home from the exclusive 50 Year Anniversary edition beckons. The happy winner can choose between three models: the 540 UL, the 560 CFe or the 560 KMFe. The extensive additional equipment such as an awning, noble alloy wheels, the REICH Easy Driver manoeuvring system and the HobbyConnect smartphone control further enhances the full HobbyComplete equipment.

The slogan for the 50-year Hobby anniversary, “IT HAS BEEN GREAT – AND WILL BE EVEN BETTER” could hardly be more appropriate!

You can view the list of all Hobby dealers participating in the “Golden Times” autumn event at <link link-intern>www.hobby-caravan.de. 

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