HOBBY OPTIMA T65 GQ – A highlight of the 2018 season

One queen-size bed, two separate bathrooms, a generous seating area and a stylish design – Hobby’s new semi-integrated T65 GQ, which is available as both an OPTIMA DE LUXE and OPTIMA PREMIUM, offers luxury in compact form.

Fockbek, January 2018 – There’s no doubt that the T65 GQ model will be a tremendous success for Hobby, because the extraordinary layout of this motorhome sets it apart from the majority of other vehicles in its class. The luxuriously furnished bedroom featuring a comfortable queen-size bed is located in the rear section. There is a handy shelf with LED gooseneck lamps at the head of the bed. These lamps can be directed with pinpoint accuracy, providing the perfect reading light at all times.

The two bathrooms occupy the middle section of the OPTIMA T65 GQ: the shower and toilet/washroom are separate in the T65 GQ – an elegant solution that is usually only found in much larger motorhomes. The OPTIMA DE LUXE and OPTIMA PREMIUM T65 GQ boast yet another top innovation in this area. It is actually possible to access the washroom from two sides; from the bedroom and the living area. The advantage of this design is that if someone wants to pay a visit to the toilet from the front section, they don’t have to walk through the bedroom, where they would possibly disturb the sleep of a fellow traveller. The solid wooden door that enables the living and sleeping areas to be separated from one another also helps to provide soundproofing.

The spacious layout of the OPTIMA T65 GQ is continued in the living area, which is fitted with a cosy L-shaped seating area as standard. Its design blends in perfectly with the adjoining corner kitchen. The refrigerator is particularly large – in the kitchen of the OPTIMA T65 GQ, the 150-litre Super Slim Tower with removable 15-litre freezer com-partment(!), which has been specially developed for Hobby leisure vehicles, ensures that drinks and food are kept well chilled.

What’s more, you can also order the OPTIMA T65 GQ with a drop-down bed as the T65 HGQ. As a result, two additional full-sized berths are available, transforming the semi-integrated vehicle into a mobile apartment for four people. The T65 HGQ model with drop-down bed is also available as an OPTIMA DE LUXE and OPTIMA PREMIUM.

As a general rule, all motorhomes in the OPTIMA DE LUXE and OPTIMA PREMIUM model ranges are supplied with the “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, which is typical of the brand. This means that they are ready to hit the road when they leave the factory. Customers can save their money for their holidays, as there’s no need to invest in expensive extras – high-quality components such as the roof awning, LED ambient lighting and the navigation system including reversing camera are already on-board from the start.

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