Hobby unveils two new Hobby Vans at the CMT holiday exhibition in Stuttgart

To kick-start the year, Hobby is unveiling two new HOBBY VANS at the CMT in Stuttgart under the name OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION. The two entry-level models – the V65 GE and V65 GF – are absolute bargains and come fitted with all the equipment you could ever need when they leave the factory. Thanks to their many ingenious solutions, they also have ample storage space and a generous payload. On 11 January 2019, trade experts will get their first glimpse of the new OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION during the guided tour for the press at Hobby’s stand in Hall 5. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the new models for themselves from 12 January 2019 onwards.

Hobby’s biggest new product at the CMT in Stuttgart will be the new OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION. The HOBBY VANS, which come equipped ready to hit the road, are available in the V65 GE and V65 GF models. Both models are equipped with a spacious rear garage that can ac-commodate bulky luggage with ease, without having to keep an eye on every single kilo. The V65 GE has a payload of 618 kilos, while the V65 GF has as much as 623 kilos. Both vehicles weigh a total of 3,500 kilograms and measure exactly 6.77 metres in length. The main thing that sets them apart is the layout: at the rear of the V65 GF is a double bed spanning the width of the vehi-cle, while the V65 GE has two single beds that run lengthwise.

The two compact layouts are perfect for spontaneous city breaks or long, adventurous trips. Thanks to the high-quality on-board technology, motorhome enthusiasts can spend a few selfsufficient days relaxing in the wilderness. Measuring just 2.16 metres, these agile vehicles are ideal for negotiating even narrow, bendy roads. With its modern interior and exterior design, the OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION perfectly complements the existing models in the Optima range.

Both vans have ample storage space thanks to their many ingenious solutions. The all-round wall units in the sleeping area in particular ensure that there is plenty of room. The kitchen with the 140-litre Slim Tower refrigerator is extremely spacious, enabling all of your food supplies to be easily stowed away. One other highlight is the modern and practical compact washroom featuring a fixed shower screen. To ensure you can continue going on trips in your motorhome even in winter, the van range boasts perfect thermal insulation values thanks to the cutting-edge materials and body technology.

In a direct market comparison with other manufacturers, the new OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION represents exceptional value for money. Thanks to the tried-and-tested “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, the vehicle comes fitted with all the equipment you could ever need when it leaves the factory, so there are no expensive extras or add-ons that need to be added. “With the new Optima Ontour Edition, we’ve created a stylish van for quality-conscious newcomers and for campers who are looking for a real alternative. The whole team is extremely happy with the result, and we are all convinced that we have launched the perfect companion for a great motorhome holiday, which also saves the customer money,” says Division Manager Manfred Taedcke.

From 12 until 20 January 2019, Europe’s largest caravan manufacturer will be presenting its latest products in the caravan, van and motorhome vehicle categories at the CMT in Stuttgart – the world’s largest leisure and tourism exhibition.

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