Hobby Van Optima Ontour Edition: Outstanding results in the endurance test

The new Hobby OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION van’s compulsory date with the test track was a resounding success. The course, which is designed to test road safety and driving quality, features all of the challenges that are encountered in day-to-day life, such as potholes, road bumps or rumble strips, and simulates driving roughly 100,000 kilometres on the road. The vehicle is regularly inspected by the Hobby motorhome design and quality assurance teams in between the tests.

Vehicles made by Hobby must be subjected to safety and endurance tests at regular intervals. A special test track, which is actually designed for passenger cars and trucks, is used for this purpose. During the test, there are different sections of road, parts of which are covered with severe potholes, and they must be driven through at different speeds. One lap is equivalent to driving approximately 1,000 km on the road. The new Hobby OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION put in a fantastic performance – even with a full load.

The Hobby van didn’t reveal any weaknesses either inside or outside the vehicle. There was no damage, and no parts or drawers had worked loose. “Our new OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION passed the test on the vibration track with flying colours. What’s more, we tested future materials for some items of furniture at the same time, which also performed extremely well. We are delighted with and extremely proud of this positive result,” says Motorhome Head of Design Matthias Schätzle.

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The winter suitability of the new OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION was already tested at the beginning of the year in icy Northern Norway.

The OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION during the ice-cold winter test in Northern Norway.

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