Milestone: Hobby produces its 600.000th caravan!

Hobby, the leisure vehicle manufacturer from Schleswig-Holstein, is celebrating the 600,000th caravan rolling off its production line today. The hard-working Hobby employees were full of pride as they pulled the caravan out of the production hall, before getting straight back down to work on the next one. With over 50 years of experience in the leisure vehicle industry, Hobby produces up to 13,500 caravans every year. On top of this, up to 2,800 motorhomes and vans are also produced each year.

Hobby produces its 600.000th caravan!

After one final check, which it passed with flying colours, the proud Hobby employees pulled the 600,000th caravan off the production line this week. Be it caravans, motorhomes or vans, Hobby produces up to 100 vehicles at its site in Fockbek every day. From affordable entry-level vehicles for couples to large family caravans with three-tier children’s beds, Hobby offers the best layout to suit any lifestyle with intelligent space solutions and an incredibly cosy atmosphere.
And it takes a formidable team to ensure that things stay this way: up to 1,250 experienced members of staff at the Fockbek site ensure that customers are able to enjoy carefree and relaxing holidays in the magnificent travel companions made in Schleswig-Holstein.

“My team and I are incredibly proud that we have produced the 600,000th Hobby caravan today, and that huge numbers of the products made by us in Fockbek can be found at every campsite throughout Europe,” says Head of Production Stefan Lühe. Since 1967, the company has sought to make mobile holidays easier and more comfortable. Caravans, motorhomes or vans – Hobby offers every camper the perfect mobile home from home, “Made in Schleswig-Holstein”.

Further information is available from the Hobby press office: presse[at]hobby-caravan.de or at www.hobby-caravan.de/en/.

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Hobby produces its 600.000th caravan!

Hobby produces its 600.000th caravan!

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