RV rentals across Europe: Hobby and Touring Cars enter exclusive partnership

A new partnership is formed: Starting September 2016, Hobby and the Finnish company Touring Cars will form an exclusive partnership in the world of RV rentals. Touring Cars has 34 years’ experience in the rental business and is the leading provider of rental RVs in northern Europe.

Hobby and Touring Cars Partnership

Fockbek, September 2016 – Touring Cars is the leading RV rental company in northern Europe. The Helsinki-based company was founded in 1982 and operates a strong and extensive network across northern Europe, with stations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Estonia.

The family-run business is growing by about 20 % each year. This success is largely due to a well-conceived franchise model based on clearly defined components. All Touring Cars RV rental stations are located close to major airports. Customers are offered a shuttle to the rental station and start their vacation immediately upon arrival. Unlike other RV rental companies, Touring Cars does not consider itself a regional business, but thinks on a greater scale. This allows customers to seamlessly integrate quick long-distance air travel into their RV holidays.

The main prerequisite for this elaborate rental concept lies in high-quality vehicles that are fully equipped – exactly like the ones made by Hobby. The Optima De Luxe and Siesta De Luxe models leave the factory ready for travel thanks to the standard full equipment package HobbyKomplett. The Hobby model range covers a wide range of vehicle configurations: from the Vantana series of compact camper vans and vans suitable for urban environments all the way to the luxurious semi-integrated Optima De Luxe models and the Siesta De Luxe family alcove models. A perfect selection for all rental RV needs.

From now on, every single Touring Car rental station will exclusively offer rental RVs made by Hobby. What is more, the Finns intend to expand beyond the northern European markets and into other important travel destinations, especially in southern Europe.

Jarkko Koskenmäki, member of Touring Cars board, emphasizes: “The quality and equipment of the vehicles are very important to us, because we consider ourselves a high end provider for vacations in rental RVs. The fully equipped vehicles made by Hobby are a perfect match for our philosophy”.

“The two companies complement each other perfectly through their core competence in their respective areas: Touring Cars offers many years of experience in the rental business, while we at Hobby are experts in designing and manufacturing recreational vehicles. It’s a perfect match”, says Hobby executive Manfred Taedcke.

As the person responsible for sales, marketing, and customer service, he sees the partnership with Touring Cars as a promising business model for Hobby’s German and European partners, who are the perfect franchise partners for Touring Cars thanks to their RV rental expertise, their extensive service portfolio and maintenance capabilities.

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Hobby and Touring Cars Partnership

Hobby and Touring Cars Partnership

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