Extra class times three: Exclusive anniversary models from Hobby

For caravaners who want a top-equipped rolling holiday home, Hobby has put three anniversary models from the popular EXCELLENT programme on the road.

Excellent 540 UL

The 50-years of Hobby trio, consisting of the EXCELLENT 540 UL, 560 CFe and 560 KMFe, score with high quality anniversary packages. All three caravans are distinguished by maximum mobile comfort and modern technology. For example, the chassis of the three anniversary models is loaded factory-fitted and is provided with the stabilisation system KNOTT ETS Plus. The caravan can also be moved effortlessly wherever you want it to go when coupled, because the manoeuvring assistant “easydriver” is also on board from the outset. 

The 12-volt autonomy package, including charge controller with booster, battery and battery sensor, also makes the trio completely independent of any campsite infrastructure. There are chic “boots” too thanks to alloy wheels in silver - perfectly matching the 50-years of Hobby exterior design. 

Top technology also distinguishes the inside of the anniversary trio. Based on the ClBUS on-board management system designed by Hobby, the devices and on-board technology are controlled using the TFT operating panel. Even remote control by smartphone or tablet is possible, because the caravan can be equipped with the “HobbyConnect” system as an option. This provides the pre-conditions for managing and controlling the on-board devices via the “MyHobby” app available as a free download.

A USB double plug socket to charge mobile devices is included in the anniversary package, as well as all the TV equipment consisting of all brackets, connections, an LED flatscreen TV, tuner/receiver and DVD player. A high-performance satellite system from Kathrein ensures good reception when travelling.

And anyone who gets too hot when underway in front of their own door can simply extend the wide OMNlSTOR roof awning to provide protection from the sun.

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