Hobby founder Harald Striewski awarded the German camping prize 2023

For his lifetime commitment and the successful implementation of his visions in the caravanning industry, Hobby founder Harald Striewski has received the German Camping Award 2023. As is tradition, the award was presented at this year’s Reise & Camping trade fair in Essen by the German Camping Club and the city of Essen. Managing Director Holger Schulz accepted the award on his behalf. He personally handed it over to Harald Striewski back at the company’s headquarters in northern Germany.

The successful entrepreneur was beaming with pride and joy as he accepted the “German Camping Award 2023” in his office. “I’m touched and grateful for the tremendous recognition of my entire life’s work by the city of Essen and the German Camping Club. It still fills me with great pleasure to know that I’m elevating the camping industry with my innovations, such as the cassette toilet, automatic reversing system and combi-blinds in the caravan sector,” says Harald Striewski.

The President of the German Camping Club e.V., Dieter Albert, also had many words of praise for the visionary and entrepreneur at the award ceremony in Essen. “Harald Striewski has had more of an impact on the caravanning industry than anyone else. And that’s why his commitment to camping – to the people who share his love of this pastime and to the industry as a whole – is so invaluable. The German Camping Club bows down to this man who has given caravanning a face, and pays tribute to his lifetime commitment with this award.”

In addition to the German Camping Award, Harald Striewski also received 2,500 euros in prize money, which he has doubled and donated to charity. The money will go to the German Camping Club’s youth organisation “Deutsche Zeltjugend”, which is delighted with the 5,000 euros.

The German Camping Prize was awarded for the first time in 1970 in collaboration between the German Camping Club and the city of Essen. Further information is available from the Hobby press office: presse[at]hobby-caravan.de  or at mediaportal.hobby-caravan.de

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[Translate to English:] Hobby-Gründer Harald Striewski ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Camping-Preis 2023

[Translate to English:] V.l.n.r. Hobby-Gründer Harald Striewski und Hobby-Geschäftsführer Holger Schulz

[Translate to English:] V.l.n.r. Hobby-Gründer Harald Striewski und Hobby-Geschäftsführer Holger Schulz

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