Hobby MAXIA caravan receives DCC safety award 2023

Hobby receives the DCC Safety Award 2023 during its press conference at the CMT holiday exhibition in Stuttgart. With its cosy U-shaped seating area and two single beds, the award goes to the modern and stylish MAXIA 495 UL caravan. In particular, the experts from the German Camping Club (DCC) have been blown away by how masterfully the design has been combined with an extensive range of standard equipment and safety features.

Hobby Managing Director Holger Schulz is delighted to accept the DCC Safety Award at the exhibition stand in Stuttgart. “The award is a tremendous accolade and shows that the latest products in our Maxia range are also going down a storm with our customers. In addition to various safety features, this range boasts an open-plan design and natural materials, as well as a generous helping of Nordic ‘hygge’.”

When choosing their winner, the DCC caravan experts took into account all the safety aspects, the fixtures and fittings, as well as how the Maxia caravan is produced. The number of lights and plug sockets, as well as the large refrigerator and the excellent craftsmanship of the caravan made a particularly good impression. In the case of the latter, the DCC caravan experts took an extensive tour of the factory in May 2022 and saw with their own eyes how the model is made, right from the start. This provided them with key insights into things that cannot be seen once the caravan is complete, such as the installation of the cables and lines.

“This caravan clearly demonstrates the current and future possibilities of caravan construction. Put simply, the option to increase a caravan’s load capacity and an all-inclusive equipment package have long been part and parcel of the perfect caravan. Only then is the issue of safety adequately addressed,” says DCC President Dieter Albert.

The DCC Safety Award is traditionally awarded every year at the CMT in Stuttgart to a vehicle that has been chosen in the caravan or motorhome category. Hobby has won this award on multiple occasions in the past.

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